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Abort Maneuvers

The following maneuvers can be used in any round as an abort action.  An abort can be chosen at any time during the round before the character attacks by paying 1 Willpower.  As soon as the willpower is paid the character’s speed becomes that of the maneuver to which they are aborting.

Chi and Willpower used in maneuvers is not consumed until the fighter actually starts the maneuver.  If they must move before starting the damage phase – basic movement and jump only - and are interrupted during this phase they may abort without using the chi or willpower of the maneuver they were about to do.  Alternatively a fighter may opt to do nothing in a round.  They may not move or block but just stand wherever they are waiting.

If the fighter was already using one of the maneuvers listed below they must abort to something else.

Absorbing Barrier
Air Defense
Arm Grab
Ashura Warp (using this as an abort does not give the speed bonus)
Backflip (using Backflip this way does not consume additional willpower)
Back Roll
Batting Hero (see that move's description)
Blade Catch
Blade Defense
Butterfly Cartwheel
Chain Defense
Deflecting Kick (soak bonus only effective until the counter strike)
Deflecting Punch (soak bonus only effective until the counter strike)
Deflecting Strike
Destructive Block (using this as an abort maneuver does not give any speed bonus)
Drunken Monkey Roll
Elemental Stride
Energy Reflection
Evasive Action
Gazelle Step
Ghost Form
Grapple Defense
Ground Fighting (can abort getting up to enjoy the benefits of this ability)
Ground Leglock (at +0 speed)
Ground Roll
Hydrokinesis (defensive effects only)
Impromptu Parry
Kick Defense
Leap Dodge
Leg Grab
Mekon Delta Escape
Mirror Image
Missile Reflection
Psycho Warp
Punch Defense
Reflecting Barrier
Reflection Slice
Reflective Parry
San He
Smoke Step
Tenshin Glide
Teleport Slide
Wallclimbing (if adjacent to a wall)
Wall Spring
Weapon Block
Weapon Grab
Wing Defense
Yoga Teleport